Is there really Vegan Cheese?

Short answer, no.
Long answer. The Wizard’s very tasty and flavorful yellowish-orange thick topping, base, or just snack. You can call it Wizard’s Vegan Cheese but I won’t.

1 1/2C -3C water (the less you are able to use, the thicker the end result. I am using about 2C myself currently)
2T agar agar
2T coconut oil
1C almond butter (this is where you can have fun, increase or decrease the amount and use different butters, cashew for sweet, tahini for smoky, peanut, well for peanutty)
1C nutritional yeast
1/4C red miso (different misos also give different flavor, lighter whiter miso would taste closer to a mozzarella)
2T tomato paste
juice of 1 lemon (I use concentrate)
1T onion powder
1t salt ( I always use less or just leave it out altogether, I’m sodium weary)

In a small saucepan, heat the water with the agar until hot and thick, stir frequently but not constantly, just keep an eye on it.
In a blender or food processor (you want to blend or process this until very creamy, it’s thick so you will have to scrape the sides frequently)
Add all ingredients including the thick, hot agar and blend until creamy smooth.
It’s ok to add more water if it’s too thick.
The goal is to have just enough water to combine the ingredients, not make it soupy.
Chill completely for thickest set but you can eat it right away if you have a use for it.
I haven’t had this set enough to shred, yet but if you don’t mind a mess you can shred it if it’s frozen. Just use a spatula to transfer the shredded topping to your dish because it will melt in your hands if you try to pick it up from your cutting board.


5 responses

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere, Veganbookwizardman! I’m not sure I’m brave enough to try this one, but I look forward to your chocolatey concoctions and your famous vegan enchiladas. šŸ™‚

  2. Thanks Sylvia – I thought this recipe seemed hard when I first found it. It’s basically throw all ingredients in blender and mix. Just have a little faith, it is an ingredient in those thanksgiving enchiladas, as well.
    Welcome Joan.

  3. The recipe does seem hard! Also – I wouldn’t know where to find many of those ingredients. What is agar agar – what aisle is that in ?? I wish I could try this vegan cheese – can you send me a hunk?

  4. Oh no helcha8. Agar Agar is vegetarian gelatin, it’s made from seaweed (more or less).
    I buy it at our local coop, but if you ask your grocer they might have some there too.
    I’m sorry this recipe seems hard, I always just measure out every thing into the blender while the agar is cooking up then just blend everything, the hardest part is scraping your blender while it’s mixing, I’ve lost a few wooden spoons. You might have a magic blender that can mix anything without help. try it, you’ll see. I would send a chunk of cheese, but we eat it too quickly here.

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