MS cause discovered?

Nicola Griffith posted a story about a new hypothesis in MS research that shows MS could be caused by faulty lipid metabolism. I am waiting for a cure as I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS (RRMS) in January 2005. I am a 47 year old male and have been living a vegan lifestyle, eating organic foods, and using natural products without additives, perfumes, dies etc. for the past 20 years. I have a first cousin, female 49 years old who also has MS. There is the genetic predisposition. I can’t imagine that diet could be the sole cause of MS but I am glad that there are other researchers trying to find different sources for this disease. I am sick of hearing doctors and researchers saying, basically, “we have no idea what causes MS, but these treatments seem to be pretty effective in keeping it from getting worse”. Come on, grow a pair. Admit that you don’t know, but try to find out. (urgh, yes I am sure there are wonderful caring people out there who are trying very, very hard to find a cure for this and all other diseases…..ranting just feels so gooooood.). If you have MS. Please, take care of yourself. Take whatever medication is keeping your MS from getting worse and making your symptoms bearable. Don’t give up and like the MS Society and many other great people say “Don’t let MS be the first thing that you think of each day, live first, MS second, if at all.” You would never know I have MS from looking at me, working with me, playing with me, unless I told you. I am aware of it every second. Sometimes it makes me sad, sometimes it makes me glad. Sounds weird I know. Hey, I’m weird. (and a fucking awesome cook, more spells to come soon, I promise.) Meanwhile, this is our Solstice day, the one day a year my beautiful wife cooks. I call her the Wizard’s Apprentice now.


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