This “salad” can be a meal with bread added or fine as a side dish.

Sorry, it involves math


Potatoes any color, size, and/or shape (see below for quantity suggestion)

1 medium radish per potato

1 chopped clove garlic for every 2 potatoes

1 chopped onion per every 2-4 potatoes

6oz silken tofu per every 2-4 potatoes

1T prepared mustard per every 2-4 potatoes.

1 chopped carrot per every 2-4 potatoes

1/4C sweet green peas for every 2-4 potatoes


Boil several potatoes skin on, skin off, red, white or blue, yes there are blue potatoes, well they might be purple but same diff.

I figure 1 serving per potato, so 4 people = 4 potatoes, or more if you want leftovers, which you probably do.

Blanch radishes (ok, its a fancy cooking term, put the radishes in a pot of water and bring to a boil. As soon as they boil, Whalla! they are blanched)

Saute onions, garlic and carrots until they are softened

process your silken tofu in a processor (where else, right?)

Cut the cooked potatoes and radishes into bite sized pieces, 1/2-3/4 inch is good here.

In a bowl mix all ingredients until there is a creamy base with chunky bits all around.

Don’t over mix or you get mashed potato salad.


This was a fast post using a brain recipe, meaning I just made this the frak up on the spot. It works great but please make it your own. I’d love comments with variations you try.



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  2. I will definitely try this. I might substitute a little mayo for the tofu – or I might not – so mine might not be vegan. I bet its even better the next day. Maybe next summer you and Stef will grow some pickling cucumbers and throw those in as well. (The homemade pickles, that is.) Thanks Bookman.

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